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Sebastian Kurz Video Embed List

    1. Trump meets with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz | ABC News
      Duration: 7:10

    2. A Conversation with Sebastian Kurz, Federal Chancellor of Austria
      Duration: 25:06

    3. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ousted in no-confidence vote | DW News
      Duration: 2:31

    4. MEETING WITH AUSTRIAN CHANCELLOR: President Trump Sits with Sebastian Kurz (FNN)
      Duration: 5:50

    5. Austria elections: could Sebastian Kurz be the next leader?
      Duration: 1:23

    6. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Europe's Youngest Leader, Ousted After Nationalists Turn on Him
      Duration: 0:59

    7. PM Netanyahu Meets Austrian Chancellor Kurz
      Duration: 6:51

    8. Austria's Sebastian Kurz celebrates a historic win
      Duration: 2:19

    9. Trump meets with Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz
      Duration: 57:50

    10. Sebastian Kurz: No-confidence vote removes Austria's chancellor
      Duration: 2:17

    11. Austria: Sebastian Kurz, the 'whizz-kid' poised to make history
      Duration: 1:30

    12. Austria: Kurz calls for new elections after Strache scandal topples coalition | DW News
      Duration: 4:34

    13. Berlin: Angela Merkel reçoit Sebastian Kurz
      Duration: 0:56

    14. Sebastian Kurz on track to become Austria's next chancellor
      Duration: 6:08

    15. Yuval Noah Harari & Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Conversation
      Duration: 1:19:15

    16. Vienne: rencontre entre Sebastian Kurz et Arnold Schwarzenegger
      Duration: 0:55

    17. Sebastian Kurz On His Success As Austria's Minister To Europe | Next Generation Leader | TIME
      Duration: 1:50

    18. Austrian Chancellor Kurz Says Brexit at Top of Agenda
      Duration: 3:13

    19. Austria's Parliament Ousts Chancellor Sebastian Kurz With No-Confidence Vote | TIME
      Duration: 0:53