Hk Protest

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Hk Protest Video Embed List

    1. Armed men attack pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong MTR station
      Duration: 1:31

    2. Hong Kong protests: 'Riot police are moving in' - BBC News
      Duration: 1:23

    3. Trump says Xi Jinping 'acted responsibly' in Hong Kong protests
      Duration: 3:09

    4. Hong Kong: Masked men attack protesters | DW News
      Duration: 5:27

    5. Trump: President Xi 'Acted Responsibly' Regarding Hong Kong Protests | MSNBC
      Duration: 1:30

    6. Hong Kong Protesters Attacked by Men in White at Train Station Near China Border
      Duration: 3:28

    7. Police fire rubber bullets and tear gas in clash
      Duration: 5:10

    8. Hong Kong’s Lam Faces Torrid Questioning After Political Clash
      Duration: 1:33

    9. Attackers beat people on Hong Kong subway
      Duration: 1:53

    10. Thousands Take To Hong Kong Streets For 7th Consecutive Week To Protest Anti-Extradition Bill | TIME
      Duration: 0:46

    11. Protests continue in Hong Kong for 4th-straight week
      Duration: 1:20

    12. Meet Legislator Roy Kwong, The God Of Hong Kong Protests | TIME
      Duration: 3:08

    13. Seven men arrested over attacks at Hong Kong's Yuen Long MTR station
      Duration: 3:31

    14. Masked thugs beat protesters in HK: Where were police?
      Duration: 1:35

    15. Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters face off with riot police
      Duration: 3:34:00

    16. Hong Kong protest: Could Beijing send in troops? | DW News
      Duration: 4:02

    17. Police fire teargas at protesters during Hong Kong democracy march
      Duration: 1:29

    18. Violence breaks out at Hong Kong’s Yuen Long MTR station
      Duration: 3:25

    19. Tear gas fired as Hong Kong protesters vow to 'keep fighting'
      Duration: 3:03

    20. Hong Kong protesters attacked my masked 'triads' with metal poles at train station
      Duration: 1:23