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Amethi Video Embed List

    1. Amethi election results: Smriti Irani now leads over Rahul Gandhi by 20,000 votes
      Duration: 1:04

    2. Rahul Gandhi holds roadshow in Amethi before filing nomination
      Duration: 5:08

    3. As Rahul heads for Amethi, Smriti Irani accuses him of 'trying to steal votes'
      Duration: 1:24

    4. Rahul Gandhi takes onus for LS defeat, asks Smriti to treat Amethi 'with love'
      Duration: 6:01

    5. On Visit to Amethi, Smriti Irani Takes Ailing Woman | to Hospital in her Convoy Ambulance
      Duration: 1:03

    6. Amethi campaign trail: BJP's Smriti Irani dons firefighter avatar
      Duration: 1:44

    7. What is the ground reality in Amethi and Rahul Gandhi's adopted village?
      Duration: 3:44

    8. Rahul Gandhi will lose Amethi this time: Amit Shah
      Duration: 2:20

    9. BJP or Congress? Who will win Amethi, Raebareli and Lucknow – the 3 prestige seats of UP?
      Duration: 25:18

    10. Smriti Irani Wins At Rahul Gandhi's Stronghold, Amethi | Elections Results 2019
      Duration: 2:14

    11. Amethi, Rahul Gandhi's constituency, no longer a district
      Duration: 4:00

    12. ‘Dedicate Amethi win to party workers who lost their lives’: Smriti Irani
      Duration: 1:23

    13. Road Development Amethi in UP
      Duration: 2:19

    14. It's Rahul Gandhi vs Smriti Irani In Amethi As Congress Stronghold Goes To Polls
      Duration: 2:56

    15. Amethi में लोग अब Rahul Gandhi के खिलाफ़ और Smriti Irani के पक्ष में बात करने लगे है | LokSabha 2019
      Duration: 20:47

    16. Smriti Irani Attends Funeral Of BJP Worker Shot Dead In Amethi
      Duration: 1:53

    17. Amethi वालों को Rahul Gandhi से क्या शिकायते हैं और Smriti Irani उन्हें क्यों पसंद आईं?
      Duration: 4:25

    18. Rahul Gandhi Amethi और Dimple Yadav Kannauj में क्यों फेल हुए? । Smriti Irani । Subrat Pathak
      Duration: 33:31

    19. Rahul vs Smriti: BJP Hopes To Sweep Amethi Seat In LS Poll | ABP News
      Duration: 15:37

    20. Rahul Gandhi concedes defeat in Amethi, congratulates Smriti Irani
      Duration: 1:46